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Internet of Things (IoT) 1 October 2017

The Role of Connected Devices in Recent Cyber Attacks

“Understanding the Role of Connected Devices in Recent Cyber Attacks” statement to the US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce

Abstract – The rapid rise in the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought forth a new generation of devices and services representing the most significant era of innovation and growth since the launch of the Internet. IoT solutions are game-changers offering consumers, businesses and governments across the globe countless benefits. From fitness trackers to “smart” thermostats and connected toys to connected cities and healthcare services, society is on the cusp of a new technological era. With this great innovation comes significant risk and concerns. While the vast majority of devices are safe and secure by today’s standards, all too many are being sold without security safeguards, adequate privacy controls or lifecycle support. Combined, these devices have become proxies for abuse with a capacity for causing significant disruption including life safety issues.

To help address these issues, OTA established the IoT Trustworthy Working Group, an inclusive coalition with the mission to develop a framework focused on key security and privacy principles.  The Framework was released this past March, includes 31 criteria focused on the connected home, office and wearable technologies. The Framework represents a major step to help shape products being developed and coming to market. We need to also consider what we can do to help address the risks in products already being sold today and in use worldwide. OTA outlines several recomendations that where technically and economically feasible, we call on stakeholders to embrace and implement these and others security and safety enhancing practices within 90 days.

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